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The Massachusetts Medical Society is a physician-led organization that develops CME for physicians and other health professionals, allowing them to pursue their passion for lifelong learning and professional development. We also monitor and stay current with regulatory changes and provide CME that makes it simple for physicians to meet their licensure requirements. Through a combination of online courses, live webinars, and conferences, the MMS offers CME options that fit a busy physician’s schedule.

Conference and Webinar Calendar

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Online CME Courses

Browse MMS online CME course offerings grouped by the following topics:

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Joint Providership

The MMS enters into jointprovidership agreements with non-accredited organizations when the submitted activities align with its CME mission statement and the joint provider agrees to abide by aJoint Providership agreement.

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CME Accreditation for Institutions

The MMS is recognized by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to accredit organizations and institutions providing CME in Massachusetts and contiguous states.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Training
Cervical Cancer CME
Women In Medicine Right Rail
Work is Medicine RR
Joint Prodivership/CME Partnership

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