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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

MMS has compiled a collection of FREE resources to help physicians navigate the COVID-19 vaccine.

MMS Member Making a Difference: Dr. Simone Wildes

Infectious disease physician Dr. Simone Wildes is making a difference in COVID-19 vaccine policy, vaccine confidence, and racial equity in medicine for patients and physicians in Massachusetts.

MMS Antiracism Action Plan

The MMS is committed to working to address systemic racism and inequities within the organization and the larger medical community. Learn more.

CME frequently asked questions

MMS has created a page addressing over 20 of the most common questions about earning CME credit for online courses.

Recent News

MMS Making Headlines

Barnstable Patriot

Barnstable Patriot: Barnstable District Medical Society names Stephanie Prior as 2020 Community Clinician

February 17, 2021 – "Dr. Stephanie Prior, a board-certified family practice physician, has been selected as the Barnstable District Medical Society’s 2020 Community Clinician of the Year, an award recognizing her professionalism and contributions as a physician.


Boston.com: Docs decry Massachusetts plan changing vaccination focus

February 13, 2021 – "People have a trusting relationship with their doctor, and when their doctor says, 'This is safe and as soon as my family is eligible I will get it for them,' then patients are more willing (to get vaccinated)," MMS President Dr. David Rosman said.


WBUR: Hospitals fume as Governor shifts coronavirus vaccine strategy

February 12, 2021 – When vaccine supply increases and the state allows hospitals to resume booking new patients, the MMS will continue to urge Governor Baker to send vials to independent physician practices, not just hospital-based doctors.

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