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Medical classThe MMS provides a wide array of services and resources to the 2,800+ students who attend medical school in Massachusetts every year, ranging from financial support during medical school, to counseling for career options after graduation.

Additionally, the MMS offers medical students free American Medical Association (AMA) membership and resources on top of their full suite of MMS member benefits. Are you a medical student in Massachusetts and not a member yet? Join now!

Doctors looking at medical chartCareer Advancement and Networking

MMS can assist medical students, residents, and new physicians with issues such as choosing a specialty, licensing exam information, residency applications, finding a mentor, debt management, and more.

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Adult man writing in a notebookScholarships and Financial Resources

Learn about opportunities to access scholarship, loan,and/or grant moneythrough MMS and other sources.

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Doctors looking at medical chartGetting Involved With MMS and AMA

Discover how the MMS and the AMA provide opportunities for medical students to advocate for patients and other physicians by becoming active in state and national health care policy debates.

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