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Member Making a Difference, a feature of our member publication Vital Signs, highlights the many ways our members make an impact on their communities, patients, and the medical profession. Meet some of our members below.

Dr. Simone Wildes

Infectious disease physician Dr. Simone Wildes is making a difference in COVID-19 vaccine policy, vaccine confidence, and racial equity in medicine for patients and physicians in Massachusetts.

To read the full interview from the January-February 2021 Vital Signs, click here.

LaShyra Nolen

Meet LaShyra Nolen, an MMS member with a passion for social justice who is making a difference as an activist, writer, and president of her class at Harvard Medical School.

To read the full interview from the November-December 2020 Vital Signs, click here.

Dr. Jane Lochrie

After 24 years of volunteering at Saint Anne’s Free Medical Program in Shrewsbury, many of them as medical director, Dr. Jane Lochrie opened and runs a second free clinic at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church in Worcester.

To read the full interview from the October 2020 Vital Signs, click here.

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