Massachusetts Medical Society: Board of Trustees

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Board of Trustees

The BOT is the Board of Directors of the MMS and is responsible for many functions within the MMS including:

  • Prioritization, oversight, and implementation of policies and directives approved by the House of Delegates
  • Administrative management of the Society
  • Approval of activities and continuance of all MMS committees
  • Strategic planning for the Society
  • Approval of the annual budget

The BOT is comprised of:

  • MMS current officers
  • District-appointed trustees (and alternate trustees)
  • The MMS immediate past president
  • Resident and student trustees (and alternate trustees)
  • The MMS Alliance president
  • The Committee on Finance chair

The Board meets six times annually

About the Board of Trustees

Governance Resources

Board of Trustees eCommunity

(For BOT members only)

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