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MMS committees sections, and task forces form the backbone of the Society, where members can participate in the important work of the Society in meaningful ways.

Detailed information on MMS committees, task forces, and sections can be found here:

Joining a Committee

If you would like to become more involved in the MMS, consider participating on a committee or the Member Interest Network (MIN) Executive Council.

The listing above includes all MMS committees. Additionally, you may view committee descriptions here (.pdf, 5 pages).

Committee appointments are for specific terms, usually three-year renewable commitments. We have put in place resources for distance participation including conference calls and online meetings.

If you are interested in serving on a committee and would like to be considered, please complete the application form below and submit with your CV (3-5 pages).

Deadline: Due March 15, 2021.

Medical Students and Resident Physicians

Please note there is a separate committee appointment process for residents and students, who are generally appointed to a one-year term. For more information:

District-Appointed Committees

The Committee on Legislation and Committee on Nominations are district-appointed. Please contact your district medical society for more information.

Additional Committee Resources

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Get Involved

Contribute your unique talents to the society's efforts. Elected, appointed and volunteer positions are available at district and statewide levels.

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